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On behalf of the conference committee, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on Radiation Belts and Space Weather to be held in Daejeon, Korea in May 2012.
The aim of this conference with theme ‘New Horizon from RBSP’ is to discuss and review scientific issues in magnetospheric physics and the technical information related to the RBSP (Radiation Belt Storm Probes) Mission.
This conference is indeed a fundamental ground for exchanging expected research outputs for the RBSP and its related areas. I do believe that this will be a fabulous chance for both researchers and practitioners to come together from divergent fields and share the outstanding findings and results.
We, the members of the Organizing Committee, are making all efforts to meet your expectations and to ensure a successful conference. We hope to create an opportunity for old friends and colleagues to get together and, more importantly, to become acquainted with new peers from this field.
We truly hope that you will take this chance to join us in Daejeon, to benefit from this grand event, and to lavish in the wonders of the traditional cultures and customs in this hidden jewel of Asia. Great weather and delicious delicacies mixed with friendly faces and warm welcomes await you.
We would like to thank you in advance for your participation and valuable contributions and look forward to seeing you in Daejeon, Korea in May 2012.
Yours truly,
Conference Chair of
International conference on radiation belts and space weather
Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute