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We recommend 2 main ways from Incheon Int'l Airport to Hotel Interciti (venue):
by Airport Limousine bus and Express Train (KTX). The picture and explanation below will help your comfortable travel.

How to get the venue from Incheon Int’l Airport:
Way 1
Incheon Int'l Airport Daejeon Government Complex
1) Take an Airport Limousine Bus from Incheon Int'l Airport to Daejeon.
Way 2
Incheon Int'l Airport ⇒ Seoul Station ⇒ Daejeon Station ⇒ Daejeon Government Complex
• Incheon Int’l Airport ⇒ Seoul Station
1) By Airport limousine bus
Purchasing Limousine Bus tickets, and also can get information at Bus Ticketing Office: Exit 4, 9 (Indoors), Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 9C (Outdoors). Please take a Limousine Bus at Bus stop 6A, 12B for standard Limousine and 4A 10B for Deluxe Limousine.
Bus stop Bus First
Operation Hour Interval Fare(KRW)
6A, 12B Limousine (Standard)
5:00 20:00 75 mins. 20~30mins 14,000
4A, 10B Limousine (Deluxe) 5:20 21:40 65 mins. 10~15mins 15,000
2) By Subway
Please take AREX(Airport Railroad train) at Incheon International Airport Station, then take off the Train at Seoul Station (KTX)
3) By Taxi
Alternatively, participants can take a regular taxi or a deluxe taxi to Seoul Station. To take a taxi, please use the taxi stop in front of the passenger terminal of Incheon Int’l Airport